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Tech Tip: Use Dual Monitors to Increase Productivity

Here’s a recent tech tip shared by The Florida Bar. Much of the time wasted when attorneys work on computers comes when they switch between windows. Not only does it waste time, it can lead to unnecessary distractions. Some try to compensate by putting two windows on one screen, or by various workarounds.

Instead, attorneys would be wise to consider making a small investment and using an extra monitor. For that matter, it would be wise to make the investment for support staff as well. Not only do dual monitors double your screen real estate, they create boundaries you can use to divide what you’re going to focus on. For a lawyer, time is money, and there are statistics that indicate that dual monitors save a lot of time.

In a study at University of Utah and ATI Technologies, participants who used dual monitors reported increases of productivity including:

  • 33% fewer errors
  • 16% faster edits
  • 6% quicker access to tasks
  • 45% easier task tracking
  • 32% faster performance
  • 24% more comfortable

With numbers like that, dual monitors definitely are worth a try.


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Small Firm Reboot—Gearing Up for Efficiency and Success
Jan. 19, 2018—Orlando

Approved for 7.5 General CLE Credits (6.5 Technology & 1.0 Ethics)—Live Course Only

This one-day, two-part technology event is designed to improve your efficiency, productivity and profitability. The program will provide practical, usable tips to benefit your practice—no matter what your level of technology experience. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

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Play to Win: How to Work the Room at Networking Events

Do you dread networking events but know that you need to keep them in your marketing mix? Here are a few tips from author  on how to make them both tolerable and productive.

  • Effective preparation is one sure way to make attending an event easier (or at least less awkward). Looking at the attendee list in advance, preparing your elevator speech and carefully selecting what to wear are among Schmidt’s great tips on how to prepare.
  • Attending the event also requires some coaching to ensure that you get the most from your networking opportunity. Arrive early and stay until the end, listen more than you talk, don’t monopolize one person for too long and try to look self-assured.
  • Following up after the event is crucial; networking doesn’t end when the event is over. Write down contact information; send a personal note, article or website link; send a LinkedIn invitation; and think of ways to keep in touch.

If it’s of any comfort, even lawyers who are great at working a room will tell you it’s exhausting. Effectiveness does not exist without effort. So the next time you have to attend a function, steel yourself for the experience and implement to the best of your abilities.


Member Spotlight: Sandra Upegui

The Solo & Small Firm section member spotlight this week is on Sandra M. Upegui of the Upegui Law Firm in Miami Beach. Sandra is an experienced business attorney who represents businesses on a diverse range of commercial transactional and litigation matters relating to corporate formation, contract negotiation, privacy and security, compliance, risk management and business disputes. Prior to opening her own firm, she served for more than five years as an assistant general counsel for the University of Miami, handling transactional, healthcare regulatory and litigation matters. She previously was a litigation partner with Shutts & Bowen LLP in the International Litigation Practice Group. Sandra graduated magna cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree from Florida State University College of Law, where she was an active member of the moot court team. She graduated cum laude from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in international affairs.  She studied abroad in Italy on three occasions, including a summer program hosted by Tulane University and the University of Siena, Italy, which included a special course study with former U.S. Chief Justice Rehnquist. Sandra is fluent in English and Spanish and proficient in Italian. Contact her at (786) 708-7182 or


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