2020-2021 Section Annual Sponsor
RC Howard & Associates, LLC
Sandler Training of Greater Tampa Bay

RC Howard and Associates, LLC is a leadership and management consulting firm and Certified Sandler Training Center. Please contact us @ (727) 299-0332 or visit rchoward.sandler/legal for additional information and special pricing extended to members of the Solo & Small Firm Section of The Florida Bar. Section members are also eligible to register and attend a complimentary webinar here.

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Sandler Training of Greater Tampa Bay

Achieving sustained performance and client success in professional services is grounded in establishing professional bonding, rapport and trust with our clients. Sandler has designed two specific learning & development (L&D) platforms for professional services, including Professional Advantage™ for attorneys, and Strategic Client Care, for legal staff with primary responsibilities for client interaction and care.

Both L&D platforms are developed to deliver advanced communication techniques incorporating a repeatable systemic approach and supporting processes for managing the overall client experience that can impact client satisfaction, client retention and sustained positive financial performance and growth for the firm or practice. These programs are designed to change behavior, drive results and avoid these common pitfalls: providing too much “free consulting” without securing the client, additional business or gaining a referral; failing to ask the right questions to diagnose the client’s needs or appropriate solutions; missing the communication skills to help keep or grow our key clients, and/or experiencing high turnover in frontline positions, or dealing with poor morale.